Beacon apps for museums

In the age of smartphones and the ability to get free content 
anytime and anywhere, museums must invest a lot of energy in order to remain
interesting to a large audience. 

We believe that the extremely fast technical progress is just the chance to make museums interesting again. 

Smartphone and Beacon use in museums

Nearly every museum visitor owns a smartphone. This is THE chance to access additional content. For this, we combine a smartphone app with so-called "beacons". Beacons are small Bluetooth transmitters, which are attached to various exhibits. When a visitor comes close to a beacon, he can choose from simple textual content on a topic, over audio and video content, up to small interactive games such as a quiz or a scavenger hunt, to receive different offers and information. The interactive elements are particularly interesting for children and adolescents. They transform a visit to the museum into a great experience for this target group.

In addition, current events, special exhibitions, lectures, tours etc. can be communicated immediately to the user of the app. If desired, such functions can be provided with additional social media interfaces, so that a viral distribution can occur outside the museum as well.

There are many ways to use the beacon app technology for museums.

In addition to the technical planning and implementation, we also offer editorial and graphic services. IT intouch has a network of professional editors, experienced art historians and creative graphic artists. Moreover, we work together with video and audio productions to put your content in the best possible light.

With all our services we can provide you with an innovative "State of the Art"  iBeacon museum app. 

"Innovation Award IT counts the IT intouch museum app to the best solutions 2017"

IT intouch Beacon apps - short & compact:

  • Experience audio and video guides with more information about the exhibits comfortably on your own smartphone 
  • Additional content such as PDFs, photos and links can be sent to the smartphone when the visitor is in front of the exhibit
  • All content can be managed online via a CMS
  • For children we have developed an own Beacon Scavenger Challenge
  • Overview of dates, special exhibitions and events
  • Visitor analysis system: How often were exhibits visited, how long do visitors spend in front of the exhibit and much more

Interested? We are happy to demonstrate our technology on site. Just get in touch and make an appointment with us.


Clients comments

Goethe Museum Mallepree Referenz App Entwicklung

»Thanks to the excellent cooperation with IT intouch, we were able to implement the new app for the Goethe Museum within just five months.«

Damian Mallepree
Goethe Museum Düsseldorf

Reference projects

Goethe Museum App

Systems: iOS, Android, Web

The highlight of the app is a multimedia guide, which plays content, such as videos, as soon as the visitor is aproaching special exhibits. The localisation of the visitor is realised via Bluetooth beacons.

Referenz App Projekt Goethe Museum
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