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Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) has long been a reality. Nowadays, hardly any manufacturer can afford to not network their premium devices. So, the oven, which announces itself after successful preheating with a notification on the smartphone, appears today as absolutely normal. Nevertheless, there is still enormous growth potential in this market, with a multiplication of devices from year to year. Especially in the industrial sector, there is an incredibly large potential for savings and optimization through the use of IoT. It is precisely this optimization of value chains that creates the decisive competitive advantage. 

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IT intouch has been developing IoT software for many years now. For example, extensive smart home apps for controlling one's own home or controlling machines within production lines. Furthermore, we focus on the Beacon technology, which allows the indoor location and detection of various sensors. For instance, our own system FAROart, provides museum visitors with digital content on their smartphone as soon as they are in the vicinity of an exhibit. Furthermore, valuable figures such as visitor flows or the time spent in front of certain exhibits are determined. IT intouch has already been honoured several times by the Initiative Mittelstand with the "Best of Apps" award for the FAROart system.

In addition to the Beacon technology (based on Bluetooth), RFID is one of our core areas. RFID also enables the location of objects. Moreover, the RFID tags can be placed on very small objects and do not require an active power source. Thus, one can, for instance place an RFID tag in the head of a screw and read it out using a smartphone.

IT intouch is specialized in software development and consulting. As IoT is not just software, we've partnered with leading hardware specialists. The RFID pioneer TECTUS has more than 25 years of experience in the field of hardware development of RFID technology and with a portfolio of thousands of products is always ready to offer the right product for the next IoT project.

Thanks to our extensive know-how across diverse technologies, the multitude of real, successful projects and our collaborations, we are the ideal partner for your next IoT project.

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