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80% of our app projects are developed for both iOS and Android. In doing so, we reach 99% of all smartphone owners in Germany. Initially, apps had to be developed separately for iOS and Android, which has almost doubled the development costs. Even though, as app developers from the very beginning, we continue to develop apps for iOS and Android separately, we use the cross-platform approach for a large number of applications.

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The apps are developed with a common source code for both iOS and Android. With similar quality, we achieve a cost saving of about 30% - 40% compared to the separate development of the apps. In addition to iOS and Android, even Windows 10 Universal Apps and Mac Apps can be created.

Cross platform development with IT intouch

In cross-platform development, we rely on the Microsoft system Xamarin. Xamarin Apps can be extended with a variety of professional modules, such as QR code readers, calendars, camera features to name just a few. Thanks to the widespread use of Xamarin, many software suppliers of large-scale platforms and services are delivering Xamarin-tailored integrations. You can, for instance, easily integrate Augmented Reality Frameworks into Xamarin. It also offers a complete arsenal of tools to holistically support the app development. This starts with intelligent IDE's, goes through quality assurance via automated testing and the release of Beta Tester to the launch of the final app in the AppStore.

Are you looking for a team with many years of experience in cross platform app development using Xamarin? Then just talk to us.

Benefits of cross-platform development using Xamarin:

  • A common code base reduces development costs by about 30% - 40%
  • The apps behave natively and look like native apps
  • Professional tools enable a high standard of quality
  • Short development cycles and faster results
  • Should the app need to be developed internally at later point, one only needs to master one programming language (C #).
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