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41. Web - Our web portfolio  
Our web portfolio Responsive Design: perfect presentation on all devices Content Management Systems: Independent and easy management of your own content Web shops: Professional e-commerce…  
42. Artificial intelligence - AI portfolio  
AI portfolio Language Understanding Services / Text Analysis Machine Vision and Image Analysis Machine Learning Knowledge Mining Smart Bots and Agents  
43. Bot development  
Develop a bot strategy Conception and requirements analysis Bot development for Facebook Messenger, Skype, Slack, Rocket chat and other systems Creation of required databases and backend…  
44. Beacon apps for museums - Beacon apps for museums  
Beacon apps for museums In the age of smartphones and the ability to get free content  anytime and anywhere, museums must invest a lot of energy in order to remain interesting to a large…  
45. Cross Plattform - Benefits of cross-platform development using Xamarin:  
Benefits of cross-platform development using Xamarin: A common code base reduces development costs by about 30% - 40% The apps behave natively and look like native apps Professional tools…  
46. App programming - IT intouch App programming – How we work:  
IT intouch App programming – How we work: Requirements analysis & conception Wireframing and Prototying App Design App programming and technical implementation of the digital business…  
47. Opel Ampera App  
The electric flagship Opel Ampera receives its own completely tailor-made app from IT intouch. The app is able to read car values ​​and represent them graphically. Various values ​​such as rotation…  
48. Sports & Olympic Museum Beacon App  
After the Goethe Museum in Düsseldorf, the Sport & Olympia Museum in Cologne is also initiating the way into the IoT and app era. The entire museum was equipped by IT intouch with Bluetooth…  
49. Creditreform Crefomobile App  
For those who are not already a customer, the free area is highly recommended. There you can look into the business connections of thousands of companies. There is also a demo area, which leads…  
50. Creditreform Crefomobile App  
View current credit rating information of your business partners anytime, anywhere. This is possible thanks to the Creditreform app developed by IT intouch. With it, you can retrieve economic and…  
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