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1. Mobile - IT intouch app developer portfolio - short & compact  
IT intouch app developer portfolio - short & compact App advice and conception App design App programming by our app developer team GPS tracking and map visualization, integration of motion…  
2. Mobile - Mobile  
Mobile The mobile megatrend became reality a long time ago. The unprecedented development on the smartphone and tablet market, makes them available to everyone. Smartphones and Co. are used across…  
3. Web shop - Web shop tailor-made  
Web shop tailor-made Imagine having your business open around the clock, 7 days a week. In addition, you have several stores all over Germany. Even abroad, you start to get active. In reality, such…  
4. Search Engine Optimization - Search Engine Optimization - SEO  
Search Engine Optimization - SEO Already "googled" today? Who is looking for something on the internet, usually uses search engines, because they often offer much faster results  than trying…  
5. Responsive Webdesign - Responsive web design  
Responsive web design Smartphone, Tablet, PC or SmartTV? Customers search and look at websites with a variety of devices and different screen sizes. In case the companies provide content online, it…  
6. Typo3 Website Development - TYPO3 Agency  
TYPO3 Agency As a TYPO3 agency, we have many years of experience in realizing TYPO3 projects and serve global corporations as well as medium-sized companies. Our services range from consulting and…  
7. Augmented Reality - Agency for Augmented Reality Programming  
Agency for Augmented Reality Programming Augmented reality brings print products such as catalogues, flyers or posters to life. By holding the camera of the smartphone over a picture, a simple photo…  
8. Alexa Skills - Alexa Skills  
Alexa Skills "Alexa, how will the weather be tomorrow?", "Alexa play my favourite radio!". For many people voice-controlled personal assistants like Alexa are already part of everyday life. Who…  
9. Artificial intelligence - Artificial intelligence  
Artificial intelligence Artificial intelligence short AI is one of the main topics of the last years and of the ones to come. Many experts agree that Artificial Intelligence will lead to a profound…  
10. Internet of things - Internet of Things  
Internet of Things The Internet of Things (IoT) has long been a reality. Nowadays, hardly any manufacturer can afford to not network their premium devices. So, the oven, which announces itself after…  
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