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After the Goethe Museum in Düsseldorf, the Sport & Olympia Museum in Cologne is also initiating the way into the IoT and app era. The entire museum was equipped by IT intouch with Bluetooth beacons. The tailor-made app allows a centimetre-accurate location of the visitors. The app leads the way through the entire permanent museum exhibition and provides visitors with useful audio and video background information that has been specifically produced for the app. In doing so, the well-known sports host Wolf Dieter Poschmann provides the necessary sports atmosphere.

For the younger audience a kind of scavenger hunt 4.0 was developed. The visitors have to solve small tasks and find exhibits in the museum. Via indoor location, the tasks are evaluated and an entry in a high score table is possible. Thanks to the use of a specially developed content management system, the museum is able to administer the content itself.

We are proud that the next museum has chosen us as partners on the path of digitalisation. Our thanks go to all those involved in the project, from which 20 persons can be counted to the inner circle. 

The iOS and Android app can be downloaded for free from the Appstores. Even without an app, the Sport & Olympia Museum was worth a visit. Now, there is no way around it. 

Clients comments

Among several applicants, we chose IT intouch because their beacon-based app system "FAROart" met our requirements for a modern, flexible and visitor-friendly multimedia museum guide, to a remarkable extent.
Particularly convincing is the innovative technology regarding the implied content management system and the visitor analysis software. This ensures that the content of the app can be independently and effortlessly adapted and republished at any time.
The implemented beacon technology proved to be particularly practical for our premises, as no modification measures needed to be done. After developing the conceptual planning for the placement of the beacons together with IT intouch, the actual installation was done within just a few simple steps. Also, in a pilot phase, it was convincingly documented that the system works optimally even in spatial challenging areas and the intuitive operation of the apps is guaranteed.
Since our house does not have a special tactile guidance system for a barrier-free visit, it is all the more satisfying that IT intouch has developed a, so to say, inclusive solution. This also allows visually impaired visitors to receive content acoustically. Very helpful is also  the option of audio feedback, which facilitates considerably the orientation in the museum as well as the assignment of the beacons to the content in question.
In addition to the technical expertise, IT intouch also offers reliable and competent support in the content preparation of the Multimedia Guides. Due to the available experience in the field of film and television, our cooperation with IT intouch also includes a comprehensive consultation and assistance in producing professional audio and video content.


Dr. Andreas Höfer Director German Sports & Olympic Museum

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