Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence short AI is one of the main topics of the last years and of the ones to come. Many experts agree that Artificial Intelligence will lead to a profound change in the economy and society. We also believe that AI will change the working environment and we are already experiencing this change in our current projects. AI is becoming more and more a part of our software projects. These include Chatbots which use "Language Understanding Services" to put the written word into a context and to respond as naturally as possible to inquiries. The digital assistant developed by us, in the form of Alexa Skills, gets its necessary intelligence this way.

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With all the hype, it is important to keep the overview. in doing so, IT intouch relies on the big players like Microsoft, Google or IBM. The use of Artificial Intelligence is not a solution to every problem. For most problems, however, we can find the right solution.

AI portfolio

  • Language Understanding Services / Text Analysis
  • Machine Vision and Image Analysis
  • Machine Learning
  • Knowledge Mining
  • Smart Bots and Agents

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